Games Demo Day
13 August 2024
16:00 UTC
We're excited to announce an upcoming Demo Day via Zoom, offering game developers, gaming service providers, and entities within the gaming ecosystem a unique opportunity to showcase their innovations. This event is aimed at connecting you with prominent investors from Europe, the USA, and Israel, setting the stage for the next leap in gaming industry evolution.
Event Overview:
Who Can Participate?
If your project supports or innovates within the gaming ecosystem, you're invited to apply.
Gaming-Related Projects
Whether you're an indie developer or part of an established studio, we're looking for engaging gaming experiences.

Game Developers
Companies providing tools, platforms, or services that enhance the development, distribution, or monetization of games.
Gaming Service Providers
To ensure showcased projects meet a high standard of quality and readiness, participants must meet the following minimum requirements:
Participation Requirements:
A demonstrable prototype showcasing the core functionality and innovation of your project.
Working Prototype:
Your project should address current challenges within the gaming industry or significantly enhance the gaming experience.
Innovation and Relevance:
Exclusive Opportunity:
Selective Process
We will select only 10 participants for this Demo Day to ensure each project receives adequate attention from our distinguished panel of investors.
Direct Access to Investors
A unique chance to pitch your game or service to investors specifically interested in the gaming sector.
Showcase of Innovation
Highlight your project's potential to revolutionize gaming experiences and business models.
Event Highlights:
There is no charge for participation, promoting equal opportunity for all innovators.
Complimentary Participation
A platform to demonstrate how your project contributes to the development of more engaging and profitable gaming solutions.
A Stage for Global Innovation
An occasion to connect with investors, industry leaders, and potential collaborators from across the globe.
Networking with a Global Audience
This Demo Day is designed to address the gaming industry's challenges, such as the prevalence of intrusive advertising and the difficulties associated with securing investment. Our goals are to:
Our Mission:
Encourage the creation of games and services that are both engaging and minimally intrusive.
Enhance Player Experience
Provide innovative gaming projects with access to the capital and guidance necessary to succeed.
Facilitate Connections with Investors
Foster a collaborative environment that facilitates the sharing of ideas and the formation of strategic partnerships.
Promote Industry Collaboration
Why We Host this Demo Day
Games portfolio
Public awareness
Networking community
Interested parties are invited to submit their projects for consideration by filling out the application form available at Demo Day Application Form. Given the exclusive nature of this event, early submission is highly encouraged to secure your spot among the selected 10 participants.
Registration and Details
13 August 2024 16:00 UTC
Date and Further Information
This Demo Day offers a critical opportunity for those ready to impact the gaming industry significantly.

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey towards creating a more engaging and thriving gaming ecosystem.