Ups & Downs in Mobile Gaming - Layoffs vs. Growth

Ups & Downs in Mobile Gaming - Layoffs vs. Growth 🚀

While we are crafting an additional source for sustainable revenue for mobile game developers - the industry is shaking! Let's delve into the recent trends shaping our field:

Layoffs in the Industry 📉

Recent times have seen notable companies facing the tough decision of layoffs, underscoring the importance of resilience and adaptability in our sector:

1. Epic Games - Known for Fortnite; faced significant layoffs, cutting about 830 jobs.

2. ByteDance (Nuverse Games) - Downsized its gaming division due to underperformance.

3. Amazon Games - Initiated over 180 layoffs in its gaming division amid reorganization.

4. Unity - Multiple rounds of layoffs, including around 600 jobs in May 2023.

5. Ubisoft - Made cuts in its customer relations centre team.

6. Kabam - Implemented a 12% reduction in its workforce in late May 2023.

Companies Demonstrating Growth and Hiring 📈

On the flip side, many companies in our industry are actively hiring and showing significant growth, paving the way for innovation and new opportunities:

1. HitBerry Games (Andy Zolotarenko) - Shows promise with a diverse range of genres.

2. Playkot (Alexander Pavlov)- Gaining ground with engaging simulation and strategy games.

3. G5 Games® Entertainment - Renowned for hidden object puzzle games.

4. Plarium (Aviram Steinhart) - A leader in MMO strategy games.

5. MURKA (Barak David) - Recognized for social casino games with immersive gameplay.

6. Game Insight - Known for city-building and simulation games.

7. Playgendary (Dmitriy S.) - Rapid growth in casual and hyper-casual games.

8. N-iX Game & VR Studio (Daniel Poludyonny) - Specializing in 2D and 3D art games.

9. Juego Studios (Suman BK)- Innovative approach in mobile game development.

10. Bungie (Pete Parsons)- Expanding into mobile gaming with popular titles.

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The path ahead is filled with both challenges and opportunities. Let's embrace these changes together, ensuring a thriving and sustainable future for mobile gaming. 🎮

Stay tuned with Subscrible | Your Self Publishing Mobile Games Booster in this exciting journey of innovation and growth in the mobile gaming world!

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